Foundation Old School Skate Jam

Went to the old school skate jam at Skate Lab up in Simi Valley last night. It was totally insane. It was a invite only thing and there were skateboard legends from the 60's, 70's and 80's. I mean full on legends. I met Jay Smith, Wes Humptsen, Chris Strople, Tom Inouye, Alan Gelfand, Alan Losi, Eric Grisham and many more. There was the crew from my heydays like Grosso, Staab, Todd Joseph, Dave Swift, Lucero, Groholski, Buck Smith and more. There was food, booze, yapping, autograph signing, skateboarding and all around rabble rousing.
It was a once in a lifetime gig. Probably will never happen again with so many legends in one Room. Thanks goes to Skatelab.
Here are a couple images from there. Tod

Bulldog, original artist of the classic Dogtown graphics, signs my board.

Todd "Twist" Joseph and me in the entry of skatelab.

See more here Old School Skate Jam

Posted February 11th, 2001 by Swank

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