Foundation F team news.

Foundation picked up a new AM. Hand rail master Tony Silva. Not Da Silva, just straight up Silva. He’s new and kicking arse! Watch for him in and the rest of the F Galm boys in Foundations Tragic Hysteria tour on 411 #49.

In other F AM news, Mike Rusczyk has a mini interview coming up in the next Slap, issue # December. Mike Rusczyk is also in line for knee surgery, “he has some torn up shit in there”. Plus, Mike just accepted sponsorship for Speed Metal bearings, look for the 2 page ad in mags now.

The F in Europe article will be in Transwolrd issue # January. Look for the escapades of Daniel Shimizu, Mike Rusczyk and Justin Roy as they unleash their homicidal activities on the streets of Europe. I heard the stories and they sound like fun.

Justin Strubing and Daniel Shimizu are cruising out to Spain for the Barcelona contest. If your on that side of the globe, go check em and let em know you care. After the contest they’ll be on a filming mission for the new and highly anticipated Emerica video.

Now go skate!

Posted October 4th, 2001 by you can't spell el ztaffo without affo

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