Foundation Gimmie Gimmie a graphic contest winner.

Welcome to the all encompassing Ed Syder interview. Ed is the guy that won the Corey Duffel graphic contest, remember? Of course you do....that's nice, really nice. None the less here it is...

Duffel Contest Winner How did you come up with the particular graphic that won?
- I figured it should just be of Corey rocking out as one of the Ramones. I was gonna do the whole band but the one figure looked better on it's own.

What was your influence?
- 'Sheena is a Punk Rocker' + Caffeine

What are some other artists or board company art you like alot?
- Most of the guys in Juxtapoz magazine (Coop, Ryden, Robert Williams, Love + Rockets, Pete Bagge) + saturday morning cartoons like Dexter and Sponge Bob. I like Templetons stuff and the Gonz of course. Have you heard of Brian Ralph? He's the best. He had a canvas thing in Transworld once which pretty much set me on the road I'm on right now.

Duffel Contest Winner You're in a band right now. Whats it called?
-I play bass in a band called Bane Overlord which is totally the best fun. We've been going for about a year and we've got a track on a new compilation album called Hot Shit on Blast First.

What do you sound like?
- Kinda like Gang Of Four fronted by Mike Patton. Disco Metal!

Where can peeps listen to it? (MP3?)

What are some of your favorite bands?
-Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Ramones, Misfits, Rocket From The Crypt, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur, Iron Maiden, Black Flag. That kinda thing.

Duffel Contest Winner Back to the prizes. What kind of Foundation stuff did you win?
- I got a Daniel Shimizu set up + hoodies, shirts, jeans, belts, hats... a hell of a lot of stuff!

I remember I sent you 2 of your winning boards, what are your plans for them?
- At the moment, one is hanging on my wall and the other is still wrapped up. I don't think I could stand to skate it and scratch it up! I probably will skate it though but not yet.

How does it feel to know that 1000's of skateboarders across the globe are riding the graphic you designed?
- It feels amazing! I have to stop myself from checking if kids at the skatepark are rocking my design.

You must be proud.
- Damn right.

Did you see the winning ads in Transworld? (A photo of you was in both).
- I got the one in Thrasher. It's stuck up on my wall next to the deck. Interior design the foundation way!

Did you show your mom? What did she say?
- She doesn't really get it. She thinks I should get a 'real' job.

She must be proud.
- I'm sure she is, secretly.

Duffel Contest Winner Are you kinda famous around town now? - Not even. I get drunk at parties and get all big headed like "I'm Superdead, check me out". But noone cares.

Do you carry around the board and the ad and go up to chicks and say, "hey hot stuff! look at me, I'm a badass, wanna go to the soda fountain?"
- Shit yeah! We don't have soda fountains here in the UK though, so they look at me like I'm a bit weird.

So are you going to start freelancing graphics for Foundation?
- I frickin' hope so! That's the idea anyway! I think I could draw Gareth Stehr as Angus Young and Leo as Tommy Lee! What d'ya say, Tod?

Whats your favorite color?
-Probably Black.

Whats your favorite food?

How many toes do you have?
- 10, but only 9 sport toenails.

Any last words?
Thanks to FOSKCO for picking my design, and hello to all my friends and family. Check my site ( and have a nice day.

Posted June 13th, 2003 by el ztaffo
yeah, im jaime salazar, i didnt win, but my entry is now used on another duffel pro model. i want some kind of prize or respect. my friends and i just saw it at a skate shop this week and i was shoked to find out that way. i feel a bit dissrespected as an artist.
foundation, you guys should have contacted me. i just want a little respect. im a gallery artist now but back then i was just a kid in high school with a dream.
email me so we can both be cool about this.
Posted By: jaime salazar on February 20th, 2009 at 04:10PM PST
i did the duffelman design. you know...the simpson's duff man as corey??
Posted By: jaime salazar on February 20th, 2009 at 04:11PM PST
That's wild. I posted for this new one but i'm not an artist.
I offered a book cover as a image. I have no idea whether that is a copious effort or not. Prolly not! That's wild that dude got his graphic used(salazar) and he didn't even know it! I gave Ed T. a bunch of drawings when i was a kid and he was like "what do you want me to do with this?" I was like oh, i better think fast! I think i got him to sign them and then threw them away. I gave up art. Thanks Ed T.(snicker, just kidding i was way ametuer at art). Later.
Posted By: LanceLove on January 15th, 2013 at 06:34PM PST
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