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Foundation Foundation Secret Society Interview: Eli Williams

Hailing from Barnesvill, GA Eli Williams can be regularly found setting fire to Hazard County Skatepark with his four wheels and seven plys. He's also one of the original Foundation Secret Society members, representing Hazard County. To celebrate the release of the exclusive Foundation Secret Society collab deck with Hazard County,  we asked photographer Christopher Gleason to hit the streets of Georgia with Eli, shoot some photos and follow it up with this interview.

Interview and Photography by: Christoper Gleason

CG: So, you live in Barnesville. Where is that?

EW: Okay, yeah...I live in Barnesville, Ga. It's about an hour south of Atlanta. It's plagued with rough ground and cops that try to kick you out of the nonexistent spots. It has a little prefab park that's got all metal ramps inside of an old, busted-up tennis court. It's far from the best but it definitely beats skating flat. I guess that's one good thing. Oh, and I've got a nice painted curb next door to my house so that's a definite plus. As far as the skate scene goes it's just me, my buddy Major, and the occasional others from the surrounding counties. Barnesville is no skate Mecca but it's home.


CG: So Barnesville is not so rad, but you make the best of it. You're still pretty young. Plenty of time to get out of there when the time is right. What do you have going on this year?

EW: Well, this year, just skate and have fun. Hopefully skate in Tampa Am again. I graduate (high school) in May of 2015. After I graduate I want to hang around here until the New Year, skate DamnAm Atlanta, and maybe work at Woodward for a month or two over the summer if Jona can make that happen. Then skate Tampa Am again, stay for Christmas, then head out West and skate and try to do something with skating. I just want to skate.

-Frontside Flip-

CG: Sounds like you've got a good plan. So until you try to make it West, how do you stay connected to the Atlanta skate scene, living outside of the city?

EW: Well I don't have a car or a license so I just have to bum rides from friends. Some are free and some I have to bribe with money, food, or apple juices. Haha..but yeah, I try to get up there as much as I can and skate. It's usually only a weekend thing unless I'm out of school, which kind of sucks. It's always fun though.

-Frontside Invert-

CG: Tell us a bit about your take on skating. You kill it at rails and gaps, but many times when I want to go shoot a rail or a gap, you might have different things in mind. What is your philosophy of skating?

EW: Haha...I don't know. I like to try and skate all things. I don't want to be just another rail kid or gap kid. I want to have something for everything. Rails and gaps are rad. It's not that I can't skate them so well it's just not what is fun to me. Just jumping over and over and over again is not fun. Ill skate them, but what I really like is just going fast without stopping. I like skating tranny the most because you can skate for like 5 minutes straight without even having to push. You can go as fast as you want, grind as long as you want. Whatever. It's just raw fun.

-Frontside Invert-

CG: I think that’s great. You’ve gotten me to shoot things I normally wouldn’t have thought to shoot. ATV in the making for sure. The Threads video just premiered in Atlanta. It was dope because it really highlighted a unity between Tennessee and Georgia skaters. Faith’s Reason to Believe 2 came out a short while back, and I know SEC vs F U Crue is in the works as well. With all these regional dudes killing it, who is it that really sticks out to you?
EW: Mmmm...that's a very tough one. I always enjoy the David Clark parts. They are always outside of the box and entertaining. The obvious one is Grant Taylor. Anything that dude puts out is rad. Really just anyone gittin' sum. I always like seeing new stuff from my friends. Any local footage is rad because you've been to most of the spots and you know how gnarly they are and then you see someone completely destroy it. It makes it that much better.


CG: What bums you out in skating?

EW: There are a lot of things that bum me out in skating and none of it has anything to do with the actual act of skating, it's with some of the people. The number one thing is people being jerks for no reason. This usually occurs when someone is pretty good at skating and feels that that somehow makes them a better person than someone else so they can be a jerk to them. I cannot stand it when I see it. Just 'cause you can ride a skateboard better does not mean you're a god. I'm off of my soapbox now.
CG: With who and where would be your dream sesh?
EW: Hmmm...also a tough one. Maybe just Hazard County or a huge concrete park with my best buds...with some Slayer blasting.


CG: You mentioned Jona before maybe hooking you up with Woodward. Who all helps you out? Who would you want to thank?

EW: Yeah, Jona is the owner of Hazard County Skatepark in McDonough, Ga. He has been helping me out since I was like 12. I met him at one of Hazard's money jams. He asked if I could show up to the park more if I could get in for cheaper. Ever since then he's been helping me out whether it be just free skate time or a board or trucks. He's been a huge help. Also at Hazard, Kline. He basically manages the place and if it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't be doing this interview right now. He's the one who sent my footage to Foundation and set it all up. Jeremiah Babb has been a big part. I've known him for a while. I'd just always run into him at the local events and stuff. And last year he started throwing me Bender Hardware stuff. It's his company and it's rad. He always keeps me stoked and motivated. There are so many people that have helped me get to where I am and I am unbelievably grateful for all of them... But most importantly, I'd like to thank my Mom. She's super supportive and has put thousands of miles on her car taking me places. Oh yeah and you for taking me skating, hyping me up, and buying me chocolate milks.

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Check out the exclusive FSS board here.
Posted January 9th, 2015

Foundation Caleb Bagley | Foundation Secret Society X Metro

In Conjunction with Foundation and @quickiemart_tulsa. Metro is proud to declassify a few entries from the book of (F)'s Secret Society. Caleb Bagley @buck_juice coming from Tulsa,OK absolutely killed it for this weeks FSS! Caleb rides for Quickie Mart Skateshop. Foundation Secret Society is a group of riders representing Foundation Super Co. regionally throughout the USA and internationally. With that the riders also are representing their local skate shop in that region. Both the rider and the shop are chapter members of Foundation Super Co. We are all working together to helping build their local skate scene.
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Skateshop: @quickiemart_tulsa
Skating by - Caleb Bagley
Filmer: Jono Sinclair - @jono_photo
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Posted January 8th, 2015

Foundation Secret Society collab deck with Hazard County Skatepark!

Hazard County Skatepark teamed up with us to release an exclusive Foundation Secret Society deck! They can only be found at Hazard County, so pick one up before they're gone.
Posted January 7th, 2015

Foundation Dekline's -True Blue Flow Divison- Part

The Dekline True Blue Flow Division edit features many talented up-and-comers including several Foundation Secret Society riders: Reese Salken, Anthony Anaya, Daniel Cutcliffe, Rudy Garcia, Josh Swyers, Austin Zito, and Blake Harris.
Posted January 2nd, 2015