Posts From April 2013

Foundation Waylon Hendricks

Photo: Bibby
Backside flip.
Posted April 25th, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation John Baragwanath

MIA's John Baragwanath catches a backsmith at Miami's Marine Stadium.
Photo: Matt Roy
Posted April 23rd, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Benjie Ross

When you live in Maryland,shredding is mandatory when you get a glimmer of good weather. Benjie takes full advantage of the temp change and takes this ollie to the street.
Photo: Gunnar Jacobson
Posted April 18th, 2013

Foundation Ryan Shea

Thanks to this DIY spot, Ryan was able to nail this noseslide fakie.
Photo: Bookman
Posted April 17th, 2013

Foundation Connor Getzlaff

Route 44 lifer and Secret Society Member, Connor Getzlaff aka Skooter gets down at Washington St.
Frontside Wallride. Photo: Chris McDonald
Posted April 15th, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Reese Salkin

Cardinal Skateshop has skate team full of heavy hitting and Reese Salken recently joined the Cardinal squad, along with the Foundation Secret Society.
FS Nosebash. Photo: Stephen Stalnaker
Posted April 11th, 2013

Foundation Daniel DuBois

Daniel DuBois rides for Metro Skateshop and can put down man size BS overcrook. Photo: Palozzolo
Posted April 10th, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation Anthony Anaya | PHX Am

Congratulations to One Way Boardshop ripper and Foundation Secret Society Member, Anthony Anaya for getting 7th place at Cowtown's Phoenix Am!
Posted April 9th, 2013

Foundation Zack Dowdy

Dowdy is not only one of our resident ramp rippers, he's also apart of the Foundation Secret Society and is the head honcho behind Typical Culture.
Photo: Chris McDonald
Posted April 9th, 2013

Foundation Justin Martinez

Foundation Secret Society member, Justin Martinez rides for Skate Warehouse.
Pole Jam Smith Grind. Photo: Richie Valdez
Posted April 1st, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson