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Foundation Anthony Anaya nails 3rd Place at Volcom's Damn Am

Congratulations to Anthony Anaya on nailing 3rd place at Volcom's Damn Am.

Frontside Hurricane during the finals of Volcom's Damn Am. Photo: Shigeo


A week prior to Damn Am,  Anthony was out in AZ for PHX Am. He hit some ditches with his homies and caught this frontside heelflip. Photos: Derek Andrews
Posted April 22nd, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Foundation FSS Interview: Reese Salken

Whatup Reese. Give us the rundown. Where did you grow up and how long you've been skating?

Well, I'm from Yorktown Virginia. It's about 30 minutes outside of Virginia beach. I've been skating since like the 5th grade, so that's like 8 years or something. I got into it from it being a neighborhood thing. A lot of kids in my neighborhood skated so I was down. Plus my older brother was into for a bit.

What's the local skate scene like in those parts? There are some heavy hitters that are apart of the Cardinal Skateshop right?

The skate scene back home is pretty rad. We have some tight parks back at home. There's only a few but they are amazing. So there is a bunch of dudes who rip! There's usually some awesome local videos coming out of VA. Cardinal Skate shop is so damn sick! It's the only core shop in VB. Cardinal definitely has heavy nailers. Pat Burke rides for the shop, and he's like one of the best skateboarders ever to watch. Kyle Berard is on there and he rules. There's also dudes like Chris Wimer, Dan Jackson, and Tyler Snedeker who rip so hard. It's definitely an honor to ride for Cardinal and be on the team with those homies.

Fontside Bluntslide. Photo: Derec Patrick

So you made the move out West to get your shred on. How long you been out here and how's it going?

I've been out here for about 9 months now. I can't believe it's already been that long. I'm having a blast out here and it's really going good. I have a little job bussing tables a couple nights a week just to keep a little income coming through. It's perfect. I make enough to get by and still skate everyday.

I remember when you first moved here, you were living with 12 skate rats in a little dump in East LA. Is that an exaggeration or factual information?

Hahaha, I wish that was an exaggeration. That whole deal was hectic! There was about 4 of us dudes just sleeping in the living room. The whole environment was gnarly. Beer cans every where, cigarette smoke and dirty dishes. There was always homies coming to stay every other week pretty much. We were all out here from different places skating as much as possible. It was fun hanging with the homies all the time. I was there for the first three months I lived out here. By the end of the second month I was over it and wanted to get the fuck out haha. The house's lease was up and everyone had to get out by the end of my third month in there. It was for the best. All those dudes who lived there are tight though!

Backside Lipslide. Photo: Derec Patrick

Any gnarly neighborhood scenes take place while you were living in that house?

Oh definitely, it was East LA so it was pretty gnarly. One morning we all just woke up to someone firing off like six rounds down the street. I don't remember even hearing sirens.

What's it like no that you're living and skating in Long Beach? Who you living and skating with now?
Living in Long Beach is so tight! I live with Solomon Mosley, Fletcher Renegar and Travis Glover. All east coast dudes. Its so fun. I live in this storage closet. It sounds harsh but its not bad. I have a little bed in there, its pretty funny. I've been skating a bunch of people lately. I usually skate with Adam Mills, He's a rad filmer and one of my good friends. If not with Mills I usually go skate with Ryan Spencer and Blake Carpenter, its so fun going skating with them. Sometimes I go out with the Element and LE dudes too. Mike Abarta and Billy Davenport are always some of my favorite dudes to watch and skate with. They are amazing.

What has been the best part of moving to California for you?

Just being able to skate like I have always wanted to. Traveling around to new places everyday, meeting the dudes that I have watched skate growing up and actually going out skating with them everyday is so amazing. I get to skate every day out here. The weather is always perfect, people are always skating.

Smith Grind. Photo: Stephen Stalnaker

Was CA different that you thought it would be? Were something's about CA surprising to you?

Yeah it was a bit crazy, I didn't really realize how crowded it was out here. Its congested as shit out here!  

Is Cherry Park apart of the daily routine for ya?
Oh yeah definitely. I usually hit cherry in the afternoon, or as like the sun starts to go down. Cherry is the ultimate meet up spot. All of us live in LB so we just show up there around the afternoon and then go skate. I love going to cherry right before the suns starts to go down after street skating for the day. Cherry has so many homies there, that's what I like the most about it.

Who shot all your photos for this? You skate with him a lot? You guys friends before you move?
My buddy Derec Patrick shot three of the photos. He is so sick. I skate with him pretty often, I met him when I moved to Long Beach. He gave me a place to live! I slept on his couch for like a month and a half or something. He's a good friend for sure and you will definitely be seeing more of his photos out there soon. The smith grind photo was shot by Stephen Stalnaker. He is my best friend from Virginia. He is one of the most talented photographers in Virginia right now and he's only 19. He bought all of his own equipment and he is a great dude. We skate together everyday back home. We got this photo when I went home to visit for christmas. Im stoked he shot one of the photos in this interview.

Boardslide across and down. Photo: Derec Patrick

What's next for Reese? Trips? Filming?

Just go skate as much as possible! I'm working on a part right now. I can't wait to put a part out,  love going out filming. I just met up with the Dekline dudes up in Santa Barbara for a demo and some street skating. Two other flow bros Braxton Powers and Trey Williams picked me up and we drove up there. So hope fully we can do some more of that, that trip was so fun. Hopefully ill be able to go on some of the upcoming Kr3w trips too.  All the dudes at Kr3w rule! Mainly what's next for me is just try and put this video part out and keep skating with everyone!

Interview by Tyler Culbertson
Posted April 9th, 2014

Foundation T-Spliff via Phoenix, Arizona

Cody Subido hit up AZ with his good homey Taylor Smith. Peep all the photos here.
Nollie Backside Flip
Photo: Cristian Pirovano
Posted April 8th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson