Tum Yeto Foundation Foundation Secret Society Interview: Zeke Logan

What up Zeke? Where did you grow up skating and where you living these days?
I grew up in Illinois for all my life then moved to Atlanta GA. when I was 14. I love it here.

How long have you been skating for Ambush? How did you get start getting hooked up by those dudes?
I've been skating for them for almost 3 years now I think. I started skating with the homies in S.E.C. and most of them work at the shop and the homie Max Yoder hooked it up.

Nollie Inward Heelflip

Tell us about SEC 3. How long did it take you to film.
Its just a homie video that i was lucky enough to get into. Max Yoder and Matt Mazza filmed it but Max pretty much edited the whole thing he kills it. I have to say Catnip(Trey Abad) had the best part hes just insane! And I think I filmed for the video for 2 years best, time ever.

What was the hardest trick for you to film in SEC3?
The hardest trick I would have to say was the nollie inward heel down big 4. I had to go back so many times to get it and I just kept fucking up my boards and getting too tired.


What project are you filming for next?
I'm filming for S.E.C. VS. F.U. Crue video is basically all of us here from Atlanta from S.E.C. with all the homies from Nashville and we are trying to get it to where everyone from each group shares a part it should be tight.

What's the best spot to skate in your home town?
Probably black blocks, you never get kicked out, its really good for flatground but that's about it, haha.

5-0 Kickflip

What do you like to get into off the board?
Playing pool with the homies, going to the river, and bowling is tight haha.

If we hacked into your iTunes account, what bands would we see a lot of?
Black Sabbath,David Bowie, Johnny Cash and Neil Young.


Who were you favorite skateboarders growing up and who's your favorite these days?
Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero, Arto Sarri any Zero videos and its all still pretty much the same. They all still kill it.

What are your first memories of Foundation?
Watching That's Life when i was like 13 just being so psyched how they didn't give a fuck about eating shit and just skating big ass gaps and rails haha.

Switch Blunt Revert

Who's your favorite team rider on Foundation?
Taylor Smith for sure hes been killin it and his style is fucking sick!

What's next for Zeke Logan?
To be honest I really don't know just finish this video and somehow get out to California at some point this year that's the ultimate goal.

Final shout outs?
Mom, Ambush Skateshop, Foundation, Pig Wheels, Kr3w, and Supra. I would like to thank you and everyone at Tum Yeto and Cory Wilkinson at Supra and Kr3w and Max Yoder cause if it wasn't for him i wouldn't be where I am right now. SEC


All Photos Shot by David Morico
Interview by Tyler Culbertson
Posted June 20th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson
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